I have a toothache – Part 1

You might be awake at midnight with toothache pain making sleep impossible or you might be at work, unable to concentrate on your computer due to the throbbing pain in your gum.

Wherever you are tooth pain is terrible and while painkillers might take the edge off the pain, visiting the dentist and treating the cause is the only way to get rid of the pain.

I’m in pain – your first steps

Toothache Adelaide Quality Dental can help if you are in pain with a hurting toothIf it’s the middle of the night, there are not too many places to go in Adelaide. If the pain is mild or moderate then you may be able to control it with paracetomol and then phone the practice first thing in the morning for an emergency appointment. We reserve a number of appointments in the day to handle exactly these kinds of emergencies.

I am in severe pain with my toothache

Some people can be in absolutely agony and over the shelf painkillers do not make a difference. If you are like this in the daytime contact us straightaway. However if it is out of hours then you will have to find a late night GP or go to the emergency department. They won’t be able to treat the problem but might be able to treat the pain until you are able to visit the dentist the next day.

Toothache and pain – The common causes

If it’s mild to moderate pain, it is often just decay in the tooth which has not travelled all the way into the nerve. In this situation, it’s just a cavity causing the toothache and sensitivity. This is the time to visit the dentist before it travels to the nerve and moves up to the next level of pain.

Severe tooth pain will often be caused from a number of possible causes:

  1. Bacteria or decay have burrowed into the nerve. If you can’t sleep at night and are in agony then chances are the bacteria has reached the nerve and become really inflamed or infected.
  2. A cracked tooth can cause pain, particularly if the crack in the tooth goes into the nerve.
  3. Periodontal abscess:  This is a different kind of abscess that comes from the gums and causes pain. It occurs when there is gum disease. The bacteria in gum disease can cause a special type of abscess in the gums which causes gum swelling. Usually these patients will have already experienced the early signs of gum disease such as bleeding gums, gingivitis, gum sensitivity etc.
  4. Wisdom teeth: When wisdom teeth come through the gum they can be sore just like with teething in kids. It’s not a terrible pain though. Severe pain with wisdom teeth is more likely to be caused by a special kind of infection in the gum around the wisdom tooth, called Pericoronitis.
  5. Trauma: you knock into something and you crack a tooth, fall down and smack your face, you run into someone and whack your teeth up into your gums. You might be a football player, a child or just returning from a big night on the town. Read more about what to do with a dental trauma.
  6. Non-dental tooth pain: other causes of suspected dental pain may be from tooth grinding (also known as Bruxism) or sinus pain. In the case of grinding you would work together with a dentist and other therapists on muscle releasing. When it comes to sinus we would usually rule out all the other dental causes of pain before referring you to your doctor for treatment.
  7. Tooth sensitivity: If you have some gum recession then your tooth near the gum, can experience pain. It’s just worn away the enamel, exposed its sensitive dentine, which is the layer underneath the enamel.
Adelaide Quality Dental will get you smiling again

We’ll get you smiling again.

Call us on (08) 8346 3940 if you have a toothache or are in pain. Please explain the nature of your pain so we can prioritise an appointment for you. We will get you smiling again.

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