Dental implants in Adelaide

Dental implants are proving to be the most popular choice for replacing a missing tooth. This is largely due to the advantages they offer over more traditional options.

The advantages of tooth implants

Natural looking teeth: An implanted tooth looks and feels just like your normal teeth. While we would still suggest care be taken when biting certain hard foods, most people find it hard to notice any difference from their old tooth.

Longer lasting: Because the implanted tooth acts as a stand alone tooth, not relying on adjacent teeth to keep it intact, it does not depend on the neighboring teeth to remain in position.

Ease of care: Unlike dentures, which need to be removed for cleaning, the implanted tooth is cleaned just like your normal teeth. No need for special tooth brushes, and it certainly won’t get lost.

What is the procedure for having a tooth implanted?

A titanium screw is “implanted” into the jaw, effectively replacing the root of your missing tooth

A titanium screw is “implanted” into the jaw, effectively replacing the root of your missing tooth

Obtaining a dental implant is a two step procedure:

Step one: In the space of the missing tooth we implant a specially coated titanium bolt or ‘screw’ into the bone of your jaw.
The screw will, over the space of several months, bond with the bone so that it becomes a secure fix for the upper part of your implant. This is a minor surgical procedure, usually performed by a recommended periodontist.

Step two: We fit a tooth shaped crown to the implanted screw. We usually do this 3 to 6 months after the first step to
ensure that the implant has integrated correctly with the bone and is ready to take the burden that working teeth require.

As an interim step, between implant and the placement of the final tooth crown, most people will wear a temporary partial denture if it is one of your front teeth.

While this procedure is more time consuming, and usually more costly, than a bridge or denture, the longer term benefits and the overall look created by dental implants often outweigh these issues.

Are tooth implants suitable for anyone?

While dental implants are usually the preferred choice, they may not be suitable for you. For example, there are health and suitability considerations for smokers and some diabetics. In some patients with diminished bone density the ability of the implant to “bond” with the bone in their jaw can be affected.

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