Dental mouthguards and appliances

Dental mouthguardsDental appliances can help to prevent snoring, grinding or injury during sports. These appliances are often known as a guard, dental mouthguard or even a mouthpiece. They essentially protect your teeth or in the case of the snoring mouthguard help to clear your airway.

Snoring dental appliances

Dental sleep appliances or mouthguards are effective way to stop snoring thereby treating many cases of sleep apnoea (also known as obstructive sleep apnoea or apnea).

These dental guards work by stopping the base of the tongue and the back of the throat from collapsing into your airway. Your dental sleep appliance is custom made for you which gives you the best fit and therefore the best chance of working to prevent your snoring.

Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding (also known as Bruxism) is a common problem and can be helped with a custom-made dental grinding appliance. These guards are mostly worn at nighttime to stop the unconscious grinding of your teeth. If you grind your teeth it is important to address this problem as it can lead to the wearing down and ultimately loss of your teeth – which may require costly dental treatments down the track.

Dental Sports mouthguards

A custom sports mouthguard is the best way to protect your teeth whilst playing sports. Although there are generic mouthguards on the market, having one made to fit your teeth will help it to not fall out and hold your teeth shape in place.

A custom-made mouthguard is also far more comfortable than other mouthguards, allowing you to concentrate on playing your sport to the best of your ability.

Not sure if you need a mouthguard or appliance? We are here to help

If you are not sure if a dental appliance can help you and your situation then give us a call on (08) 8346 3940 and come and talk to us. We are more than happy to explain the pros and cons, and the options and the costs associated, and the expected lifetime of each treatment option.

If there is a better treatment for you that is not a dental one then we will also tell you this and point you in the right direction.