I have a toothache – Part 2

Why is it important to treat dental pain early?

Have you already read Part 1: I have a toothache?

Well apart from getting rid of the pain, there are a number of reasons you should treat a toothache as soon as you can:Dental pain Adelaide

  • Reduce chance of nerve damage
  • Early treatment can be shorter and less involved
  • Reduce chance of abscess or facial swelling
  • Increase likelihood of saving the tooth
  • Early treatment is more cost-effective

Untreated abscesses can become quite dangerous and may require hospitalisation. This is when the nerves are rotted away, and the bacteria are causing infection and pus in your gum. At this stage the bacteria can overwhelm your body and your immune system causing the whole face to blow up.

“Now I have to do something about this pain – it isn’t going away”

Some people we see have had a toothache they have been ignoring for a while, and others have a really high pain threshold and it only became sore when it hit the nerve.

Cavities don’t reach the nerve overnight, but how long they take varies from person to person. Some can take a long time and others, particularly where the patient is in ill health, can happen quite quickly.

cleaning out the infected area and applying antibiotics will usually alleviate the painHow we treat pain?

Once we have identified the cause then we will usually numb the tooth, clean away the decay and restore the tooth using a tooth coloured filling.

If the bacteria are infecting the nerve, we will usually numb the tooth, clean the infected nerve out and add an antibiotic dressing inside the tooth.  From there, the patient can decide if they later want to remove the tooth, or keep the tooth through root canal therapy.

These actions alone will usually be enough to settle down the pain.

The remainder of the treatment will depend on what the problem was and may include a tooth coloured filling, root canal treatment or other dental restorations.

Can fear of the dentist cause pain?

If sensitive teeth or gum recession is causing pain then it is likely that you will fear a trip to the dentist. For people in this situation a normal scale and clean can be uncomfortable and sometimes even quite painful. There’s a range of things we can us, for example a topical anesthetic called ORAQIX which numbs the gum. In the case where someone has severe gum disease we may offer local anesthetic. No dental procedure or visit needs to be a painful at all, so talk to us if you fear pain and the dentist.

Call us on (08) 8346 3940 if you have a toothache or are in pain. Please explain the nature of your pain so we can prioritise an appointment for you.