October 2016 Adelaide dental news from Adelaide Quality Dental

Your child’s first visit to the dentist

If your child has their first few teeth, you might be wondering what age you should take your little one to the dentist. And how will they possibly sit still and let a stranger look in their mouth? Without screaming! At Adelaide Quality Dental, we want your toddler to have a fun first experience, so as they grow up (with healthy teeth and gums), going to the dentist will never be a drama.


Find out our 6 tips to help you get your little one ready to visit the dentist and what’s going to happen during their first visit.

Happy Halloween!

Here are our top 3 Dental tips on having a healthier Halloween. We also include a link to an article with great ideas for alternatives to the Halloween lollies and more about tooth decay in kids teeth.

  • Choose your candy carefully. Avoid hard candy and other sucking lollies that stay in your mouth for a long period of time – this increases the risk of decay.
  • Avoid sticky lollies: Chews and gummy bears are a serious source of tooth decay, particularly when they get stuck in the crevices between teeth.
  • Drink water. It will help your kids to wash the sugar off their teeth. End any lolly-eating sessions with a big drink of water before they brush their teeth.


Competition results

Congratulations to our July, August and September winners of our monthly Facebook patient competition, Raymond LandersSuzie Poysden and Paul Detchon.

They have each won an Oral B sensitive electric toothbrush.

To be in the draw for this monthly prize all you have to do is “Like” the Adelaide Quality Dental Facebook page.

Meet Charlotte,our new Dental Hygienist

Meet Charlotte, one of the Oral Health Therapists at Adelaide Quality Dental helping with your dental hygiene Advanced Diploma of Oral Hygiene (Dental Hygiene) As the Dental Hygienist at Adelaide Quality Dental, Charlotte works with her patients to ensure they have clean teeth with no issues at their regular active maintenance visits.

She also educates her patients to ensure they are armed with the knowledge of how to clean and care for their teeth when they aren’t at the dentist. Her areas of interest include Periodontal Disease, dental teeth whitening and Orthodontics.

Read more about Charlotte here!


Facebook round-up of news


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