I am in pain…

Does your tooth hurt? Dental pain or a toothache can be absolutely terrible. Even if it starts as a niggling pain that comes and goes, it can quickly develop into an intense pain that is so overwhelming that it is hard to think of anything else.

Tooth hurt Adelaide Quality Dental can help if you are in pain with a toothacheThis is a common condition that we see patients in and the more pain people are in usually equates to the length of time they have waited, often hoping that the pain and problem will just go away.

If you are experiencing dental pain then please call our office on (08) 8346 3940 and explain the nature of your pain. We save a handful of appointments on any given day to attend to people in your position.

Want to know more about dental pain?

We have written a two part article in our Dental Q&A section on exactly this topic.