My teeth are sensitive

Sensitive Teeth Adelaide: If your teeth are sensitive to the hot or cold it may be an early indicator of other dental problems.Sensitive teeth are a very common dental problem. Many of our patients experience sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet food and drinks. If you have sensitive teeth, just the simple act of brushing your teeth can feel painful.

Sensitive teeth may be an early indication of problems

It is important to investigate the cause of sensitivity with your dentist as it could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as tooth decay.

The reasons why teeth may be sensitive:

  • A cavity is developing: Sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet is often the first sign of tooth decay.
  • The gum around the tooth has receded: The neck and root of a tooth is not covered by enamel and, when exposed, can be quite sensitive.
  • They are being scrubbed too hard when brushing: Sensitivity could be a sign that you need to change the way you brush your teeth before they get worn away. The enamel covering them is wearing away due to acids, such as acidic foods and drinks. If acid related issues are ignored, teeth can wear away over time, a process that can be painful and unsightly.
  • They are being put under pressure from clenching or grinding habits: Grinding teeth is usually an unconscious habit, often occurring during sleep. If it isn’t addressed, not only can the teeth become worn and even more sensitive, but pain can develop in the jaw joints and surrounding muscles.

Please don’t put up with sensitive teeth.

If you are experiencing any issues with tooth sensitivity, please try to find a time to see to one of our dentists by calling (08) 8346 3940 or contact us.