‘Single visit’ restorations with CEREC

We are proud to announce that Adelaide Quality Dental have recently purchased a brand new state of the art CEREC machine.

For our patients this means that you can now come and have your new crown, veneer or inlay/onlay made and fitted in a single visit.

This revolutionary system allows us to design, mill and fit your your new tooth on the same day. Without CEREC this process would have taken weeks and multiple appointments to complete.

The benefits of CEREC to you

Your dental restoration, whether it is a Veneer, Crown, Inlay or Onlay can now be completed in a single visit. For the patient this means:

  • time saving
  • less injections
  • no temporary restorations
  • No more dental impressions
  • We have complete control over the design and construction of your new tooth, crown or veneer
  • Long lasting, sturdy and natural looking restorations

Watch the videos below to find out more about the CEREC advantage